21st Century Latina Vedette

Honey Sabina

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About Honey

Honey Sabina is a Chicana burlesque artist known for her captivating performances, electric hip movements, and eye-catching body art.

She is a veteran member of the notorious Lollie Bombs, Jr. Librarian of the Dallas Bare Book's Club chapter, co-producer of Mazmorra Productions, and founder of Arte A-Go-Go Art Haus. Honey Sabina is now back in the saddle as one of the original members of the Show Pony Revue.
With over 20 years of stage experience, she has honed her skills in a wide range of dance styles ranging from Polynesian dance to Go-Go dancing. Her mesmerizing moves and infectious energy have made her a highly sought-after performer for a variety of international productions and live musical acts.
Her talents extend beyond the stage, as she is an internationally published model and has graced the covers of multiple magazines.
Honey has been named one of the top 9 Latina Vedettes of the 21st Century Showgirl Scene by Remezcla Magazine.

Awkward but social



9 Latina Vedettes Who Are Carving Out a Space for Themselves in the 21st Century’s Showgirl Scene

"Texas-based Chicana performer Honey Sabina has been a professional entertainer for more than 20 years. She started training in Polynesian dance in Mexico City, following in the footsteps of Mexican vedettes like Lyn May and Tongolele, in the year 2000. As a performer, she often merges Tahitian dance into her burlesque routines. She also adds a modern twist to her mid-20th century vedette aesthetic. “She’s heavily tattooed, which I think is interesting because we don’t tend to see that. It’s refreshing. You see her and say, ‘she’s a 21st century showgirl,’” Rico says."

-Raquel Reichard Remezcla Magazine